Impress your Guests with Drool-Worthy Skewers Like A Boss!

Wow everyone at your next backyard BBQ get-together. Easy, Make-Ahead, and Freezer-Friendly Skewer Recipes that are Tasty AND Tender!

Are you having a backyard BBQ get-together this weekend and tired of the same, old, boring Hamburger or Hot dog routine? Want to impress your guests but don’t want to slave in the kitchen?

My make-ahead skewer recipes will help you:

Cut down on preparation time so that you can get back to binge watching Netflix!

Freeze multiple, marinated meats, days ahead, so that you can grill for a big crowd like a boss!

‘Wow’ your guests with the depth of flavours they were not expecting

Have way less dishes to clean since skewers make great finger food

Get the inside scoop on tips, tricks, and suggestions for side dishes and leftover ideas so that you can turn appetizer skewers into meals and have no food go to waste

In the past, I hosted many summer backyard BBQ’s and cottage get-togethers. Each time, my biggest fear was to come up with a crowd pleasing ‘menu’, only to cook food that not many would love. I mean, they liked it and ate it, but did they LOVE it?

I started to notice that among grilled chicken, chops, or ribs, when I started to include meat in the form of skewers, they would quickly disappear first, even before I could serve them with our main meal! My friends would rave about how tasty and juicy the meat was. They wanted to know what secret ingredients I used and requested more skewers the next time we got together. At one point, I ended up grilling more skewers than any other type of food!

I am the type of person who cooks with no measurements. So, I started to write down my recipes. To be able to make the exact same, flavourful meat skewers every time was a game changer! It was a hit with the group every time! Now, I am going to share my secret recipes with you so that you can also host, like a boss!

I call it, Skewers 12 Ways!

Quality over Quantity! My recipes are time-tested, guest approved and a hit with different crowds. After all, is it not great to know that you can serve your guests with confidence and that they are going to LOVE it?

Skewers 12 Ways

You will learn to make recipes such as:

Spicy Chicken Satay

Coconut Cilantro-Lime Pork

Teriyaki Sesame Beef

Shrimp Balls with Pineapple

Vegetable Medley with Goat Feta Cheese

Cinnamon Brown Butter Pineapples

....and more. Skewers with flavours your guests will not be expecting!

Here's What You'll Discover...

Techniques and Tool suggestions to prepare skewers with no confusion

Description of ingredients you may not be be familiar with but still able to find at your local grocery store

Most of the recipes are Asian-inspired flavours that you cannot buy premade from the store

Different cooking methods even if you do not own an outdoor grill

Side dish suggestions

Left-over ideas


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And because you are a first-time customer, I will also throw in these additional bonuses at no additional charge.

Summer Drinks Booklet

($5 Value)

This booklet includes five cool drink recipes for you to enjoy in order to beat the summer heat. Recipes such as Tropical Vitamin C Smoothie or Blueberry Fizz are sure to quench your thirst while you are enjoying hot skewers off the grill!

2 Customized Grocery Checklists

($3 Value)

Print-ready checklists you can bring with you to shop for ingredients listed in your eBook. One checklist is for Asian Staples and the other is for Common Staples.


Get the eBook with Bonuses for just $10 today!

My "Grill To Impress" Guarantee!

I know you AND your guests are going to absolutely fall in love with the skewers after you give them a try. In fact, people will ask you where you got the recipes from. However, if you are still not satisfied with my recipe eBook, I'll send back every penny you paid.

About The Author

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Hello! I'm Lily. Thanks for stopping by my page!

Growing up, I learned to cook and bake from the best ‘chef’ in the world… my mom! I know, you must hear this a lot, but even if it’s my biased opinion, there’s nothing better than Mama’s cooking. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am the owner of, a food blog born from an idea I had years ago to help share my recipes with friends and family in a unified way. Today, it has become my mission to use my decades (yes, decades!) of experience in the kitchen to help you cook and bake from scratch, with confidence, using my easy step-by-step, kitchen tested recipes (and videos). I want to help you overcome your fear with techniques that truly work (because I use them daily).

Some of the recipes I share are inspired from my unique background. I was born in Germany to Vietnamese parents and currently live in Canada. So, it is only fitting that my recipes are influenced by (but not limited to) places I have lived at and visited.

When I am in the kitchen, memories flood back to where it all began. Mom's cooking. Her love of making meals from scratch for her family sparked that very same passion within me. On any given day, I choose cooking from scratch over take-out. After all, is it not more gratifying to know that what you are eating (and serving) was made with confidence, love AND laughter? Now, I want to help spark that very same passion within you by showing you all of the kitchen secrets, ingredient insights and more!

In my e-book you are getting exclusive access to skewer recipes that are not featured on my food blog.

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